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Account Set Up and Creation

Whether starting fresh or accessing an existing account, EMA ensures a smooth setup. We'll either create a new Google Ads account tailored to your real estate needs or seamlessly integrate with your current one, laying the foundation for effective lead generation.

Expert Keyword Research

At EMA, we delve deep into keyword research, identifying the terms that connect you with your ideal clients.

Our focused approach ensures your Google Ads resonate with the right audience, maximizing performance and driving leads.

Google Search Ads (Buyer's)

We focus on crafting Google Search Ads that draw in buyer leads from your chosen areas. Our strategic approach ensures that your ads reach potential buyers who are actively searching in your specific real estate markets, effectively boosting your lead generation.

Google Display Ads (Seller's)

EMA excels in designing Google Display Ads centered on home valuations, specifically aimed at attracting seller leads. Our ads highlight online home values, encouraging potential sellers to engage with your services and ultimately choose you for their real estate needs.

YouTube Video Ads

EMA leverages the power of YouTube video ads to showcase your listings and enhance your brand. These visually engaging ads are perfect for bringing your properties to life and establishing a strong, relatable brand identity in the real estate market.

Retargeting Ads

EMA creates strategic retargeting ads that remind leads to revisit your website and continue their home search. These ads are key in keeping your properties top-of-mind, effectively drawing potential clients back to your site and closer to a decision.

Fraud Click Protection

EMA implements robust fraud click protection for your Google Ads campaigns, ensuring your budget is used effectively. We actively block bad clicks, bots, and competitors' attempts to deplete your ad budget, preserving your resources for genuine client engagement.

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