Smart Plans in Action, Tailored Follow-Up Campaigns for Every Lead

Stop working so hard, let the system work for you

How Can The System Work For You?

Huge Library To Use

There are pre-done smart plans already set that you can simply turn on. These are good start to customize with or just use them as they are.

Choose Your Trigger

Smart Plans fire when a trigger is engaged. Meaning, the smart plan starts when you want it to. It will start automatically depending on a tag, a pipeline change, website behavior and several other triggers.

Turn Them On/Off

You can interchange smart plans and turn them on or off when you choose to. You can also make it where a smart plan will turn off depending on a lead behavior and then a separate plan will automatically turn on.

Choose Your Actions

Actions can be emails, texts, tasks, call, send postcards, change tags, AI actions and the list goes on. This allows you not to think about your follow up system and let Lofty smart plans do the work for you.

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